I am an Avian Ecologist who studies the behavior, demography, and population dynamics of birds, especially those that are critically endangered. That gives me the good fortune to live out in nature (when I'm not perched in front of my computer analyzing data, writing papers, or working on my photographs...yikes, more of the time than I like). I have always loved the outdoors and gravitated to photography as early as junior high school. I got serious when I was a graduate student and had quite a bit of success, culminating in appearing in the 1990 Sierra Club Engagement Calendar, first among many other publications and contest wins. However, ambitious career plans and family took precedent and my cameras sat idle for more than a decade. I've recently taken it up again, but this time all digital.

As a scientist with an artistic streak, I've always enjoyed both the aesthetic and technical aspects of photography. Learning digital has meant not only the photographic process, but the post-processing as well. My goal is to represent nature as I see it and as I want others to see it. My goal in post-processing is to overcome the limits imposed by the technology of our cameras and present my subjects in their rawest, most visceral, wildest forms.... the form in which we encounter nature with all our senses and the form that fills us with awe, humility, and serenity. I might blend several exposures together to capture greater dynamic range or depth of field, but I won't create anything that I did not see. Working at the cutting edge of conservation biology, I also hope that my photography will foster the aesthetic and emotional appeal of nature; something that sometimes the logic of science fails to instill - all so that we may increase the public's appreciation of the diversity of life and landscapes that are at risk.

I live and work on the Lake Wales Ridge of central Florida, one of the world's most interesting, biotically diverse ecosystems and also one of its most threatened. It is a wonderful place to be a scientist and a great focal location for my photography.